Regional Finals

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There are seven Regional Finals held throughout New Zealand in each of the New Zealand Young Farmers regions. AgriKidsNZ Regional Finals are held in conjunction with the FMG Young Farmer Contest Regional Finals, therefore there is plenty of exciting viewing to be done!

The AgriKidsNZ Regional Finals include competing in teams of three in eight different modules based on all aspects of the Agriculture Industry. Modules could include: caring for animals, identifying farm equipment, weather forecasting, playing with beehives, matching foods, lassoing horses, spraying weeds, putting together a milking cluster, making sausages, irrigation plus many more. It is all about getting your hands dirty and having fun with friends! You don’t have to be from a farm to have a go!

The top seven teams from the Module Section move onto the final called the 'Race Off’, which involves completing a mixture of tasks and being judged on quality and time factors. Tasks within the Race Offs could include: throwing gumboots, eating food, completing puzzles, fencing, driving go-karts, sack racing and list goes on. The Race Offs are the fun and exciting aspect of the competition as teams are racing against each other and supports are cheering on their favourite team to win!

From there, points are added up and the top three teams are awarded prizes at Prize Giving. The top THREE teams from each Regional Final are invited to the Grand Final which will be held in Invercargill for 2018, which is on the 5th-7th of July.

See below to find your Regional Final dates for 2019:

Regional Final Date Location


16 Feb



23rd Feb



2nd March



16th March


Waikato/Bay of Plenty

23rd March



6th April


East Coast

13th April




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