Register to Compete in 2021

Is your child new to competing in AgrikidsNZ? Welcome! We are excited to have you here with us.

Registrations for 2021 will open in November.

How do I register my child to compete?

Registration for each team member is completed separately as a parent or guardian must accept the 'Terms and Conditions of entry' on behalf of the competitor. 

Before registering you will need to know: Your child's snazzy team name and who the designated team supervisor attending the day with the team is (generally a parent of one of the 3 competitors).

Competitors must be AgriKidsNZ members to enter the competition. But don't worry its FREE!
As the competition is members only, to access the registration form you will need to be logged into the "members only area".

If you are new, unsure if your child is a member or do not know your log in please complete the AgriKidsNZ membership sign up process. 
After submitting the sign up form you will receive 2 emails. One confirming membership sign up and one asking you to set up your members login account. (Please check spam for these emails if you cannot find them in your inbox).

I'm in the "Members-Only Area, now what?
The home page of the members area has a list of AgriKidsNZ Regional Finals. Click the appropriate event for you and fill out the registration form on behalf of your child. 

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