Kamo Intermediate Cleans Up at Northern AgriKids Regional Final

Posted by Erin Speedy on 2 February 2020 | Comments

Kamo Intermediate proved too hard to beat in the Agri Kids competition held at the Paparoa A&P Show on Saturday.

The ‘Kamo Koolios’ won first place with the team of three made up by Ella Tyler-Whiteman, 12, Brooke Woodworth, 11, and Jessie May Butler, 12.

AgriKids Norther Winners Race Off

Second Place also went to three students from Kamo Intermediate – Ariane Welsh, Josh Gunson and Luca Brown who called themselves the ‘Kamo Kream’.

Both teams will head to Christchurch in July to take part in the Grand Final which will run alongside the FMG Young Farmer of the Year contest.

Third place getters were from Okaihau College. Named The O.C Cuts, Ben Quarrie, Gemma Harrison and Grace Sanders were also invited to compete at the Grand Final in Christchurch.

Teams competed in a series of modules before the top seven teams out of 15 headed into ‘The Race Off’.

Here they went head-to-head and completed a series of challenges in a time and points race.

Kamo Koolios looked like they had it in the bag, leading the pack until Kamo Dream overtook the trio in the last leg to become the first team over the finish line.

But when the points were added up, Kamo Koolios had earned the most.

AgriKids Northern Winners

The trio said they were surprised by the win and said the race-off was the most challenging part of the day.

“The waiting was nerve wracking but it was fun,” says Ella.

Pippa Ryder from Maungakaramea High School took out the prize for Agri Kids Competitor of the day, judged on enthusiasm, team work and positivity.

All three teams will now start fundraising to get to Christchurch and are looking forward to spending their prizes.

Pippa Ryder AgriKids