Meet the new face of AgriKidsNZ!

Posted by Sarah Paton on 8 February 2013 | Comments



Hello to all the AgriKids across New Zealand! My name is Josie Hampton and I’ve just started work as the AgriKidsNZ and TeenAG Project Leader. I’m really excited to start travelling around New Zealand to the seven AgriKids Regions to kick off the Regional Finals.

I’m looking forward to meeting all the AgriKids members and giving you guys the chance to impress me with your skills and knowledge of the agricultural industry.

I have always loved getting out and about in New Zealand’s amazing natural landscape and enjoy being around different animals and I am lucky enough to have lived on a farm all my life. I have grown up surrounded by the agricultural sector and have experience in a range of varied agricultural industries such as dairy, sheep & beef, equine and mixed cropping. Through my interest and knowledge gained in the agricultural sector I set out to follow a career in it. I did this by studying at Lincoln University for three years and finished with a Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning with a focus on agriculture.

I believe the AgriKidsNZ Club and competitions are a great way to pursue your interest in the agricultural sector as well as having an awesome time and meeting new friends throughout New Zealand. So get a team together for your Regional Final, sign up and start training! You may even get through to the Grand Final which is held in Auckland. It’s all very exciting stuff and I can’t wait to be involved!

Favourite Movie: Walk the Line

Pets: Four dogs named: Rocka, Bella, Jabba and Louie and a calf named Mini Moo

If you could live life as anyone else for a day who would it be? Taylor Swift

Favourite Food: Sushi

Favourite Quote: “Take time to sit back and smell the flowers”